Cyberpunk 2077: New Information on Nomad Lifepath Revealed

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August 10th saw the release of the second episode of Night City Wire, a series revealing a wealth of information within CD Projekt Red’s highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077.

The episode unveiled details surrounding three new lifepaths within the game – the Corpos, the Street Kids, and the Nomads.Here, we take a look at the new information surrounding one of the most intriguing lifepaths in Night City.


The Nomads

Cyberpunk 2077 Nomads

Nomads are completely unfamiliar with Night City and what takes place. According to the episode, Nomads frequently get to select their very own families in the deserts far away from Night City. So why exactly are the Nomads heading to the city?

The most recent trailer says “(their) family’s in pieces, that’s why (they’re) headed for Night City.” When the Nomads eventually arrive to Night City, the Nomads quickly become outcasts but players will have access to a particularly unique backstory. You begin as a member of a Nomad clan that used to roam the Badlands where family values are above everything else. Your story in Night City begins after successfully making it in.


While the likes of Corpos and Street Kids are familiar with the goings-on in Night City, Nomads come to the city armed with unique knowledge. Nomads have the ability to analyse how a gang has pulled off a heist, giving them a huge advantage over other characters in the game.

Alongside the Nomads, episode two of Night City Wire also detailed the Street Kids and the Corpos. The full episode can be found here.