10 May 2021 8:35 PM +00:00

Cyberpunk 2077 Hair Mod Gives Everyone a Shiny Makeover

Tired of dry, lanky Cyberpunk 2077 hair? Wish you, too, could look full of life and vigor?

If that’s you, then Cyberpunk modder MJ_Eshan has the mod for you.

MJ_Eshan created a Cyberpunk 2077 hair mod that alters how light interacts with hair to create a more realistic and certainly more vibrant hairstyle for every character.

After MJ_Eshan did some digging in the game’s files, they discovered CD Projekt RED had actually created the hairs to be 40% darker than normal.

It’s uncertain why the developers did this, but the result is something MJ believed looked far too dank and flat.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Hair Mod Gives Everyone a Shiny Makeover


Here’s how they describe the mod and their findings:

"There is another problem with hair material. They only diffuse and/or absorb light and don't reflect it specularly. Why? Again, the dev decided to set hair roughness to 1 which means every specular reflection turns into diffuse reflection.

So I tweaked Roughness factors as well, Based on Blender3D Cycles render "Principled Hair BSDF" default values. And the third change? Well, I honestly don't know why, But I feel like it's better to tweak MultiScatter Shader a little bit as well."

The result is hair that admittedly looks like a perfect fit for Cyberpunk 2077's world — shiny and luxe, with just a touch of the futuristic.

The Cyberpunk 2077 hair mod is available on NexusMods.

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