Cyberpunk 2077: Heywood District - Concept Art, Location, Areas, Inhabitants, Quests And More

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Cyberpunk 2077 have really started to reveal what awaits us this November as they've revealed one of the many locations in Night City.

The map has many unique locations such as Heywood, which is a serious contrast between the north and south.


Heywood District

Heywood is a neighbourhood of contrast—from modern skyscrapers and parks in the north, to dangerous, inhospitable slums in the south. It's “the biggest bedroom in Night City”, where gangs like Valentinos and 6th Street get down to business—legal and illegal alike.

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Photos via @CyberpunkGame


While we still know little about Heywood, we know based on the recently leaked map that it is located in the northern area of Night City.


Areas include:

  • Wellsprings
  • Vista Del Ray


  • Padre
  • Valentinos Gang
  • 6th Street Gang


  • The StreetKid