Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get The Secret Ending

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Most people would think that Cyberpunk can end in one of three ways.

Though players have found another option, another two endings in fact, for how Cyberpunk 2077 can finish.

We’re here to explain what you have to do with as few spoilers as possible!

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How to get the secret ending

The Cyberpunk 2077 secret ending is a strange one, as unlike what the game might lead you to believe this one depends entirely on one quest.

This guide comes thanks to a Reddit user, u/Esper01, who contacted Piggyback who in turn talked to CD Projekt Red directly about the ending! 

The quest in question is being “SJ-35 (‘Chippin’ in’)”, so stop reading now if you want to avoid any spoilers.


Okay, you’ve been warned.


On this mission, you will have a long conversation with Johnny next to his grave.

Here you need to talk to him in such a way so that you don’t act “too harsh or too nice with Johnny, otherwise he will not consider you as a true friend.”

Your first requirement is to say you would write “the guy who saved my life” on Johnny’s tombstone.

Then you have to follow one of the following Dialogue paths:

Johnny: “Listen I realise I fucked up a lot of things”

V's Response: 

  • To put it mildly
  • Ooh, another serious talk
  • Nah, fucked that up too
Johnny: Ahem, is it too late to ask for a second chance?

V's Response:

  • What do you want from me?

As long as you choose those dialogue responses, you should be golden and the opportunity for the secret ending unlocks!

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Yes, there’s even more to do.

Now, carry on with the game, making sure to do all the Johnny related sidequests until the final mission.

When you’re on the roof and Johnny is laying options out to you, choose the Johnny and Rogue ending, but DON’T confirm it!

Wait a few minutes and Johnny should come up with a fourth choice, a “Blaze of Glory” idea.

Choose this option then play out the, very challenging, secret ending scenario. If you die you get another ending to Cyberpunk 2077 so watch out, there are no respawns!