Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get The Gold-Plated Baseball Bat

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Cyberpunk 2077 features an ample amount of weapons and vehicles.

Some of these weapons, such as Blades and Melee weapons are vastly overpowered.


They can be seen as a better alternative compared to some of the actual rifles within the game.

One of the best Melee weapons is the Gold Plated Baseball Bat.

A highly sought after weapon within the game.

Here's how to obtain it! 



Getting The Band Back Together 

In order to obtain this weapon, you will need to complete a sequence of missions.

These are based around Johnny Silverhand's band, whom we meet during our introduction to Johnny after Act 1.


You will first need to complete the main mission 'Tapeworm'

Then you will be taking part in the mission called 'Second Conflict', and you will be fixated on a pool that has been filled with cement.

Within this pool is the Gold Plated Bat.

As it will be sticking up out of the ground.


Here are the attributes for the Gold Plated Baseball Bat: 

  • 847 DPS
  • 4.50 Attacks Per Second
  • 70-85 Physical Damage
  • 90% Bleeding Chance

As well, check out the following YouTube video from AshesWolf who showcases this weapon!