Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get 20% Off Cyberware

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The final major release of 2020 has finally released all over the world.

CD Projekt Red's latest RPG, Cyberpunk 2077 is off to a flying start.


The developers have managed to create one of the best looking cities in recent memory, as Night City is filled with content.

One large component of Cyberpunk is your player's internal cyberware.

These are the modifications you can attach while at a Ripperdoc, and can make your player unstoppable.

However, these modifications are not cheap; and if you are saving up for new ones it may take you a while.


Thankfully, players have been noting there is a new way to get a pretty sweet discount on cyberware.

Check it out below! 


20% Off

Throughout the city, you are going to encounter Ripperdocs from all different walks of life.


Some of these are going to offer you some pretty insane modifications for your player.

However, there is one that will offer you a discount if you say the right line.

His name is Charles Bucks, and can be found within the Watson district. 

When you initially encounter Charles, make sure to press the dialogue button that you think he is lying.


Some back and forth will occur and eventually, Charles will offer you 20% off cyberware in order to keep you quiet.

Take the deal, and take advantage of the new upgrades you will now be able to purchase! 

Check out where his station is below: 


Image via PC Gamer