Cyberpunk 2077: GTA San Andreas Train Easter Egg Discovered!

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With Cyberpunk 2077 now in the hands of masses, players are discovering all sorts of quirky and cool things.

Easter Eggs are in almost every game and this one is no exception.


One of those hidden treasures is a reference to a classic game that, arguably, Cyberpunk is trying to emulate.

A well-known meme from GTA San Andreas.

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Cyberpunk 2077 GTA San Andreas Train Easter Egg

u/Spacer1997 has discovered a reference to the legendary meme that rose out of one of the missions in GTA San Andreas.


Specifically, CJ and that conversation during the Train mission.

Big Smoke famously tells his cousin CJ "Follow The Damn Train, CJ!"

Due to the frustrating difficulty of the mission, the quote is often referenced online by fans of the Grand Theft Auto.


Cyberpunk has paid its respect to this hilarious meme in its game.

Not only that, it directly references the characters as well (JC being CJ and Little Smoke being Big Smoke).

Photo via u/Spacer1997


To find this shard, you'll need to go outside of Rivers Trailer Park, on the train tracks, heading east, just before the tunnel.