Cyberpunk 2077 Future Plans: Alleged CD Projekt Red Dev Leaks Information On Title

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CDPR has debunked this story.


Find out more here.

Original Story Follows:

Recently a forum thread surfaced which was posted by an alleged CD Projekt Red dev.

Since then the forum has been shared around social media plenty of times.

The post went into detail about the development, content which didn't make it into the game and more.

Here's everything we know.

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Future Plans For Cyberpunk 2077

The forum post originally comes from GameFAQs.

With it comes an insane about of detail about the title which we didn't know yet, and likely wasn't meant to know.

Allegedly the poster is a CD Projekt Red dev, although this hasn't been confirmed yet.

Let runs through the leaks.

Apparently, the company actually intended for the rocky start due to investors.

It seems "the developers are now hearing plans of a No Man's Sky Next style comeback due to late June".


The much-awaited patches which intend to fix the major bugs won't be coming until March.

Originally it seems they had cut a lot of content including "50,000+ lines of dialogue", the dev believes a June update will bring a lot of content back to the game.

Many fans believed and hoped that Cyberpunk 2077 would feature an underground city aspect, turns out they were right!

"There used to be a huge underground part of the city that the public never got to see because it looked ugly to the execs. It was f***ing awesome and felt like the malkavian/nosferatu path on Vampire the Masquerade."

Fingers crossed we'll see this return to the title soon!

Many players have complained saying that they feel as if the AI is broken, not living up to the hopes many had.

According to the poster they actually had full in-depth AI routines for gangle violence, though this was removed due to censorship.


A side quest also included infiltrating Max Tac headquarters to hack police officers, though this again didn't make the cute likely due to societal views.

"There was a whole AI routine with minor gang violence in those areas. Stuff you could sit back and watch unfold or directly influence. There was also a lot of drug use with kids that eventually got cut due to inside censorship. There were priests and hare Krishna side arcs that got cut due to censorship. 

Miles wrote a sidequest where a Max Tac officer offed himself and you could take its place but it created such a complex detour from everything tonally that it got cut as well. I hope it comes back because it felt amazing to get into their headquarters and hack s***. You'd see the police trying to operate and breaking down mid-arrest due to your shenanigans."

Remember to bear in mind that this post has not been confirmed to be posted by a dev, they state they are but no proof has been presented.

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