Cyberpunk 2077 Street Stories Will Feature Roughly 75 'Handcrafted' Street Story Side-Quests, According To Head Of CDPR

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Cyberpunk 2077 is set to be CD Projekt RED's biggest title since The Witcher 3, with the depth of customization expected to greatly surpass that of 2015's Game of the Year.

CD Projekt revealed last year that every quest in Cyberpunk 2077 will be "handcrafted", and that will include Street Stories - a tier of side-quest similar to Geralt's monster-hunting missions.


They will come in varying shapes and sizes, and completing them will allegedly boost your reputation on the streets of Night City.

However, the Head of CD Projekt is back with new statements in a recent interview with OnMSFT.

What Did He Have To Say?

In the new interview, CD Projekt's Krakow studio head John Mamais said there will be:


"About 75 such Street Stories", opening up a little more about how they'll work in the overall context of the game.


Mamais continued:

"There’s a couple of layers. There’s a passive layer, which is the vendors, then there’s the STSs, which are the street stories. I think there’s around 75 street stories. Then there’s minor activities as well,"


"The street stories are like little quests. There’s story but there’s not, like, advanced cinematic storytelling sequences so much. They’re a way to explore the world and level-up your character."

"It should feel really good."

It has also been confirmed that CD Projekt is planning post-launch content for Cyberpunk 2077, and "it'll probably be something like The Witcher".

Mamais couldn't go into further detail, but this confirms just how much work has gone into making the dystopian RPG a truly custom experience for each gamer.