Cyberpunk 2077: Details on Corpo Lifepath Revealed

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On August 10th, CD Projekt Red released the second episode of Night City Wire. The latest instalment of the series revealed a closer look at the Corpo lifepath which can be selected in Cyberpunk 2077.

The footage shows the main interests of Corpo, and they include money, power, and the big players within Night City.


The Corpos

Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo

The phrase “Trust no one” can be heard and gives us a deeper dive of this particular lifepath. One part sees you hiding things from people to protect yourself while the other part means you have little belief in what other people say to you because you in fact cannot be trusted either.

“You’re the one who fixes other people’s sh*t” is another phrase that is said by Corpo V. This phrase also offers a look into how players will rise through the ranks in this particular lifepath, implying that you will be involved in some underhand business.


Corpo V differs greatly from the Nomads and the Badlands and have minimal involvement with the Heywood Street Kids. During a side-mission to receive a robot from some Maelstrom gang members, Corpo V has the ability to analyse why this particular robot is so significant to the gang.

Along with a glimpse of Corpus in Cyberpunk 2077, episode two of Night City Wire also unveiled further details surrounding the Nomad and Street Kid lifepaths. The full episode can be found by clicking here.