Cyberpunk 2077: Best Character Builds For V - Stats, Abilities and More

Since launch, the game has been littered with bugs and issues that CD Projekt Red has vowed to fix and rectify the rocky launch that wrapped up a dismal 2020.

We've already had six major patches in the space of a month of its launch.

Suggesting what state the game was in; making the game unplayable on some platforms.

Now, some of you may be interested to check out the new open-world RPG by CD Projekt Red and dive into all the character customization within the game.

During Cyberpunk 2077, you play as V; and within the game, you have full control of what type of character they mold into.

But, like any RPG; some character builds are simply better than others.

Here are the best ones within Cyberpunk 2077! 



Sneaking out Night City is no easy task, but there are multiple ways you can mold V into a ninja throughout the game.

Below are some perks we recommend picking up in order to hone V's stealth ability: 

  • Strike From The Shadows - 15% Crit Chance increase when sneaking 
  • Silent and Deadly - Silenced weapons have 25% increased damage when sneaking 
  • Long Shot Drop Pop - Pistols and Revolvers have increased damage of 15% when 5+ meters away



Blades and other melee weapons are some of the best weapons to use in Cyberpunk 2077.

They offer massive amounts of damage and are a lot of fun to use. 

Here are some perks we recommend picking up for a melee-focused build: 

  • Roaring Waters - Increased damage with strong attacks by 30-50%
  • Flight of The Sparrow - Reduced stamina consumption by 15-30%
  • Sting Like A Bee - Increased attack speed with blades by 10-30%



Last but not least, if you are looking to simply mow down your enemies with a classic rifle; there are some perks that will greatly help you.

Here are some of the best ones: 

  • Eagle Eye - Reduced ADS for SMG's and Rifles from 10-50%
  • Covering Killshot - Increased Crit Chance with Rifles and SMG's by 3-10%
  • Executioner - 25% increased damage to enemies with less than 50% of health

Be sure to let us know what are some of the best perks you have found within Cyberpunk 2077! 


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