Cyberpunk 2077: All Easter Eggs Within The Game

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Originally teased all the way back in 2012, CD Projekt Red's latest entry into the gaming space is a massive success thus far.

The game has been heavily praised due to its wide array of customization options


As well, the game has a wide array of vehicles, helicopters, and other amazing items to collect.

One aspect that is common throughout most games, is easter eggs.

Subtle details left by the developers are a joy to find and we have seen some epic ones in previous games.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot of them as one would expect.


Let's take a look at all of them! 



There are easter eggs all over Night City, and most of these are referring to previous games that have released.


One of the cooler ones we have found is the famed developer Hideo Kojima; who can be found within Night City.

PC Gamer has gone ahead and noted all the easter eggs within the game, check them out below! 


Referring to Portal, this one can be found during the Epistrophy side job.



The egg from Death Stranding will be noticeable within the River questline during a certain moment. 

Batty's Hotel 

From Blade Runner, this will be apart of the main storyline so you should not miss this one! 



The creator of the Cyberpunk universe has a street named after him within the game! 


Be sure to let us know if there any we missed, and let us know if you are enjoying Cyberpunk 2077!