CD Projekt Red Source Code Sold Via Dark Web Auction For Unknown Amount

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CD Projekt Red's source code, which has leaked earlier this week via a data breach, has sold via the dark web.

An auction for the code, which includes Gwent, Cyberpunk 2077, and even an unreleased version of The Witcher 3, had a starting bid of $1 million but a "buy now" figure of $7 million.

It's unclear how much was paid.

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CD Projekt Red Source Code Sold Via Dark Web Auction For Unknown Amount

As reported by Kela Research, the buying party purchased the code from outside of the auction platform, hence the uncertainty of the final amount.

The purchaser allegedly added the condition of no further distribution or selling, but given the nature of the transaction, that's likely to be tough to enforce.

Some have speculated that it was CDPR themselves that paid the money to secure the code, although the developer's earlier statement had suggested it would not negotiate with the "unidentified actor".

Aside from the code for the games, sensitive documents are claimed to have been part of the hack.

These include investor relations, HR documents, legal information and more, meaning the breach is likely to have long-term ramifications for CD Projekt Red and its staff.

Earlier this week, we reported that the studio had some of its devices encrypted, but that its backups remained intact.

You can read the studio's statement, as well as the ransom note, in the tweet below:


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February 9, 2021