WCA World Contest Championship - Battle of the Nations

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WCA World Contest Championship - Battle of the Nations

The WCA World Contest Championship - Battle of the Nations is officially underway, as Russia, China and the United Kingdom compete for $119,000 from October 13th to 18th.


The competition features a unique format, as three teams from each country, Russia, China and the United Kingdom, compete against one another, in order to identify the strongest country, as well as the strongest team.

The current teams competition in the  WCA World Contest Championship are as follows:

United Kingdom:

  • fm-eSports
  • CAZ
  • Endpoint


  • TyLoo
  • VG.CyberZen
  • New4


  • Quantum Bellator
  • 5FRAGS
  • Quantum Bellator Fire

As part of their search for the best nation and team, the WCA World Contest Championship has also implemented an interesting tournament system, with all participating teams set to play six best-of-one matches against each other, apart from those within their own region.

Once the strongest team from each country has been identified, they will play additional matches, as the competition is narrowed down to the two best nations. The two remaining finalists will then proceed to the second stage of the tournament, the Grand Finals, in which a "KOF format" will be used on the final day.

Each nation will field their three teams in another series of best-of-ones, however, when a team is defeated, the next team from the same country will step up to play. When all three teams from a country have been defeated, the losing nation has one final opportunity to pick their strongest team, in a last-chance match. If they fail to win this matchup, the respective nation loses the Grand Final.


The prize pool for the WCA World Contest Championship - Battle of the Nations will be split between nations, $45,000 and teams, $67,000. Within the first stage of the tournament, all participating teams will receive $2,200 per win.

However, in regards to the Nations prize pool, half of the total amount, $22,500, will be equally handed out to all three teams from the winning nation, while the other half will be distributed based upon the number of team’s respective wins.  

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