Thorin’s Thoughts: Introducing the first Gfinity Angel

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Thorin’s Thoughts: Introducing the first Gfinity Angel 

Thirty two teams are battling their way through the online qualifiers hosted by CEVO, however, only eight will receive a coveted invitation to the $125,000 event.

Over the past week, we have officially confirmed the attendance of the following teams; OpTic Gaming, Team and Natus Vincere.


Today, we’re delighted to share with you the first member of the Season 9 Finals talent panel, Duncan “Thorin” Shields!

Thorin, also known as the self-proclaimed eSports Historian and the #1 CS:GO expert in the world, has been a key figure within the eSports scene for over a decade, having launched his career as a Journalist in 2001.

Through his vast knowledge and highly opinionated views, Thorin has gained significant attention through various media outlets, and since then he has amassed a large social following, with over 150,000 respective Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers. 

In recent years, Thorin has further expanded his eSports repertoire, as he has adapted to the role of event Analyst, alongside his faithful Gfinity Angels, Richard Lewis and Scott "SirScoots" Smith.

We’re delighted to welcome Thorin back to the Gfinity Arena for the CEVO Gfinity Counter Strike: Global Offensive Pro League Season 9 finals.


Will the complete Gfinity Angels reunite at their original stomping ground?

Only time will tell.

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