Team Endpoint sell Smooya, acquire Pickles and Ruleh

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Team Endpoint acquire Pickles and Ruleh

As we move ever closer to the start of the Elite Series, Team Endpoint have made a change to their Counter Strike roster ahead of the start of the season.


After selling Owen "Smooya" Butterfield to Epsilon and some issues with their substitue player, former Infused player Charlie "Pickles" Pickles has joined the team alongside Ryan "Ruleh" Payne, who will now be their substitute player.

In a statement on their website, Pickles had this to say:

"Just want to say a big thank you to the players for considering me as their fifth. I also want to thank the management at Endpoint for giving me the opportunity to go full time in CS and focus on my dream, this is the biggest opportunity I have ever been given and I’m excited to see where it can lead."

Endpoint Counter Strike


We're excited to see what Endpoint is capable of when the season kicks off in a couple weeks!

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