OpTic Gaming Returns To The Gfinity Arena!

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Introducing OpTic Gaming!

The CEVO Gfinity Counter Strike: Global Offensive Pro League Season 9 finals are fast approaching, as eight of the best North American and European teams prepare for battle at the UK’s finest dedicated eSports venue, the Gfinity Arena, from April 28th to May 1st.  Tickets are now available for purchase!



Thirty two teams are battling their way through the online qualifiers hosted by CEVO, however, only eight will receive a coveted invitation to the $125,000 event.

With the first qualifier now concluded, we’re delighted to introduce OpTic Gaming as the first official organisation to lock in their invitation.



OpTic Gaming are one of the most storied and successful organisations within the North American eSports scene, having established themselves within the Call of Duty franchise in 2006.

Initially, OpTic’s aspirations were focused upon creating the world’s best Call of Duty sniping team, however, as time progressed and leadership roles altered, OpTic Gaming quickly expanded into the competitive and YouTube sphere, under the guidance of current CEO, Hector "HECZ" Rodriguez.

Since then, the OpTic Gaming brand has grown into one of the largest staples of the eSports and gaming community, with the organisation amassing over 1,000,000 personal YouTube subscribers, 1,000,000 Twitter followers, 20 tournament victories, the 2015 eSports Team of the Year Game Award, and three individual eSports teams; CoD, Halo and their latest acquisition, CS:GO.

Team Spotlight and Recent Performances


OpTic Gaming: ShahZaM | daps | RUSH | NAF | Stanislaw

In January 2016, OpTic Gaming announced their official foray into the Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene, through the acquisition of the ex-Conquest lineup; Shahzeb "ShahZam" Khan, Damian "daps" Steele, Will "RUSH" Wierzba, Keith "NAF" Markovic and Peter "stanislaw" Stanislaw.

Since joining OpTic Gaming, ShahZam & Co have experienced a string of mixed results. In their first matchup as a member of the #GreenWall, OpTic.CS were able to begin their new journey with a successful win over Lounge Gaming, securing $35,000 and their spot in the first season of the Turner Sports ELEAGUE.


Unfortunately, despite their initial impressive debut under the OpTic banner, OpTic.CS were unable to meet the high level of expectations presented before them, as they narrowly missed out on qualification to the MLG Major Championship: Columbus and DreamHack Austin. However, despite this, OpTic were able to successfully qualify for the CEVO Gfinity Pro-League Season 9 finals, as they swept Selfless Gaming 2-0.

Final Comments:

Although, admittedly, OpTic have not experienced the best run of form in recent performances, ShahZaM, daps, RUSH, NAF and Stanislaw are a team who should never be underestimated.  

OpTic Gaming will be heading into the CEVO Gfinity Pro-League Season 9 finals with the intention of reiterating their role as one of the most talented North American lineups and a serious force within the Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene. 


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