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Gfintiy Esports Wrap: Overwatch League Grand Finals, ESL One New York 2019 And TwitchCon League of Legends Twitch Rivals


Welcome to a brand new show from Gfinity called the 'Esports Wrap', where we review and recap you with the most recent esport events. This past weekend we had the Overwatch League Grand Finals, ESL One New York 2019 and TwitchCon's League of Legends Twitch Rivals.

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Overwatch League Grand Finals

This weekend we had the Overwatch League Grand Finals. The show started off with a spine tingling performance by music producer Zedd and the announcement of the new Widowmaker Zed skin. The San Francisco Shocks took home the title in a 4-0 sweep, after being knocked into the lower bracket at the quarter-finals stage; they defeated the Vancouver Titans.

ESL One New York 2019

ESL One New York took place over the last week, 8 teams competed with two of the best teams in the world in attendance: Team Liquid and the 4 time major winners Astralis. The Evil Geniuses line-up were still under the NRG banner until earlier in the week and they made their first competition under EG a successful one, by winning the title. We also got our first look at Cache's new makeover.

You can check out our interviews from ESL One New York here:


TwitchCon League of Legends Twitch Rivals

TwitchCon took place during the weekend - where we saw a Twitch Rivals match in League of Legends between Team Yasuo and Tyler 1. These two are known for having bad blood in solo queue, so it made for a great spectacle, as Yasuoo walked away with the bragging rights.

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