Gfinity announces OMEN by HP as the first official partner of the Gfinity Elite Series

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Gfinity announces OMEN by HP as the first official partner of the Gfinity Elite Series

Today, we’re delighted to reveal the first official partner of the inaugural Gfinity Elite Series, OMEN by HP. As the Official Hardware Partner, OMEN by HP will be integrated throughout the Gfinity Challenger Series and Gfinity Elite Series. 

OMEN by HP is set to build on its long and successful partnership with Gfinity by developing ever-more creative and innovative ways to engage with the thriving eSports community, starting with the Challenger Series, where many gamers will take their first steps in competitive gaming and the future stars of eSports will be discovered. 


The Challenger Series encourages amateur gamers of any level to register and compete to earn ranking points to qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft, meaning they have the chance to earn a place in the Elite Series, alongside eight professional eSports teams.

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The Gfinity Elite Series will commence in June 2017 and run for 10 weeks, taking place in Britain’s only dedicated eSports arena and home of UK eSports, the Gfinity Arena in London. 

Neville Upton, CEO of Gfinity PLC said; “We are incredibly proud to announce OMEN by HP as our first partner for the Elite Series and look forward to working with them to build the most dynamic and entertaining eSports event in the UK. OMEN by HP share our passion for investment in grassroots talent and their expertise and creativity will allow us to deliver the most exciting eSports experience, helping the UK scene fulfill its undoubted potential.” 

Yvonne Hobden, Consumer Marketing Lead at HP Inc UK Limited added; “The unique format of the Challenger and Elite Series is an opportunity for OMEN by HP to play its part in facilitating the growth of eSports in the UK by supporting new talent and backing the best of the pro circuit. Combining powerful hardware and cutting-edge design, our industry leading gaming products are ready for the challenge and we look forward to showcasing them to Gfinity’s thriving community.

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