G3 - Your Views: Dazed Interview

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Community writer Lorenzo sat down for a chat with Dazed of iBUYPOWER at G3, where he reflected on a tough defeat and looked ahead to ESL Cologne...




At Gfinity 3 I had a chat with Sam “Dazed” Marine, in-game leader of top US team iBUYPOWER, just after they’d been knocked out in the quarter finals by Titan. Historically North American teams have disappointed at LANs in Europe but at G3, iBP showed some promise and after a short boot camp, could be a dark horse for ESL ONE Cologne.

Looking To ImproveTalking about their loss to Titan at G3, Marine took responsibility for poor decision making, especially on Dust 2 where iBP squandered a 13-8 lead on Terrorist side. On numerous occasions the French team, orchestrated by ScreaM, won important eco rounds when it was iBuyPower’s game to lose (and lose they did). Throughout the tournament, both French teams, Epsilon and Titan, were very strong on eco rounds as they used the CZ-75a pistol to full strength. Dazed was eager to get to their boot camp to tighten up their play in preparation for Cologne where they hope to do well.

“We’re not looking for excuses; I don’t think the travel is an issue” affirmed Marine when asked about competing in European LANs. Despite having less than a week in the UK before G3, the journey may still have been a slight contributor to iBP’s performance, particularly for the 17-year old Swag.


Map PoolsLooking towards Cologne, de_overpass and de_cbble will be in the 7 map pool at the expense of de_train and de_season and there are some people that have reservations. “No-one wants to practice them (Overpass and Cobblestone) in America. You can wait an hour for a game on match-making.” In Europe too, very few teams have been practising this pair of new maps so it’s likely they’ll be victims of the veto system. Dazed is a fan of Train and Season which don’t feature in the major, yet are prevalent in the NA scene.

“No-one wants to play very biased maps like Nuke or Train in a best of 1, but I love Train in a best of 3. Everything should be best of 3” says Dazed. “I really like Season, so do Dignitas. With the bombsites so far apart, it punishes you for mistakes like rotating too early.” With FMPONE’s remake of Season, and a rumoured remake of Train, both maps could see a future return to the map pool.

ESL CologneI asked Dazed who he thought would come out on top at ESL Cologne. “Dignitas look very scary at the moment. They have the power to shut down teams on Counter-Terrorist, like Ninjas in Pyjamas used to. They haven’t got all of T-side worked out”. Although they did destroy Virtus.Pro whilst playing the Terrorist side of Nuke in the semi-final at G3 but still got knocked out 2-1 by the Poles. I wish Dazed and the rest of iBUYPOWER the best of luck in Germany.



Author: Lorenzo Flamingo