Elite Series Street Fighter V Recap - Week 4

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Elite Series Street Fighter V Recap - Week 4

Week four of the Elite Series is here! Street Fighter V opened the weekend and was full of more amazing plays and crazy combos. Let's take a look at what went down. 


Infused v exceL

Kicking off the evening we had Infused taking on a strong exceL side. The opening game would see ImStillDaDaddy facing Hurricane in what was set to be an explosive encounter between the two players. Some great reactions from ISDD managed to secure the opening round. However, after a back and forth second round, Hurricane was able to come out the winner after both players dealt some serious damage. The momentum was in favour of Hurricane as he was able to grab the final round to give exceL a 1-0 lead in the series.

Next up, week three MVP Afii went up against Infexiuos. A well executed combo from Afii gave him the early advantage in the match. Infexious was able to level the game thanks to some very patient play but it wasn't enough to take the game, as Afii comfortably took the final round to level the series at 1-1. In the third game, Shakz came out swinging with a dominating performance against Brian, taking only 51 seconds to secure the win.

Game four would be a rematch of the first. ISDD would battle it out against Hurricane, once again. Hurricane grabbed the opening round, with some more patient play. ISDD managed to secure the second to equalise the game. Some good damage from Hurricane put him in a great position to win but ISDD responded with a combo of his own, however it was too little too late as Hurricane picked up the win.


To decide the series, we had yet another rematch, as Afii took on Infexious to decide the series winner. A more disciplined start from Infexious allowed him to take the first round, while his excellent defensive plays as Zangief were enough to take the game and a 3-2 series victory for exceL.


Prophecy v Method

Up next, Prophecy would face off against Method. Realmenace started off well, taking the first round for Proph. In the second, Quiggy was all but set to take the round but a missed super enabled Realmenace to snatch the round and the opening game for Prophecy. Akainu would then take on Cobelcog. Akainu asserted his dominance from the outset, taking both rounds to give Prophecy a surprising 2-0 lead.


Packz had it all to do for Method as he took on Shivryuken. Shiv kept the momentum going for Proph, taking the first round. However, a very back and forth second round between both players went in favour of Packz, thanks to a well timed super. Shiv answered back with a super of his own in the deciding round to close the game out and to secure a 3-0 series victory for Prophecy.

"LET'S GOOO!!!"@Shivryuken takes down @DopeBoyPackz and secures the 3-0 sweep for @ProphecyTeam vs @Methodgg.#EliteSeriespic.twitter.com/8VypC40Qsx
— Gfinity (@Gfinity)
July 28, 2017



EnVyUs v Reason

Opening the series would be TKR taking on Undacuva, TKR began strong to take the first round but Undacuva was able to respond in the second. A slight misplay from Undacuva gifted the first game to TKR and handed EnVy a 1-0 lead. Nassim Claw was able to keep the momentum going for the Boys In Blue, as he claimed a back and forth game against KingNarhor. EnVy were finally firing on all cylinders, as Layo comfortably defeated Cross Counter to seal a 3-0 series victory.

Endpoint v Epsilon

Our final game of the day would see the top two teams clash. Broski and Keftaroz opened the series and Broski was able to take down Keftaroz convincingly, securing an early 1-0 lead for Endpoint. Jester Power would take on Brick in the next game. The first round could've gone either way with both players dealing damage to eachother but with four seconds on the clock, Brick manged to snatch the opening round. Jester responded with some great attacking play to level the game but Brick stood tall in the deciding round, capitalising on a slight error to level the series at 1-1.


Takamura moved on to defeat GinoDaCampo in the third game to give Epsilon the 2-1 lead in the series. However, Jester returned to face Takamura in game four. Takamura maintained his impressive form and managed to take round 1, before Jester answered back to tie the game. Some great offensive play from Jester in the third put him in the driving seat but a solid combo from Takamura closed out the series and secured the 3-1 series victory.

Another week of top quality Street Fighter has come to a close. As we reach the halfway stage, it's still all to play for!

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