Elite Series Season 2 GRAND FINALS - Recap

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Finals day is over, and all our champions have been crowned. After a spectacular conclusion to Season 2, ultimately it was the teams willing to take the most risks and commit to the bravest plays who got their hands on silverware at the end of the day. Who dares wins – so let's find out who dared and who won on Elite Series finals day.



Rocket LeagueIn a magnificent contest to start the day, Reason completed their fairytale unbeaten season with a heart-stopping 4-3 victory over reigning champions Endpoint. The theme of the match was of two evenly matched teams, one spectacular and creative in attack and the other well-drilled, experienced and capable of clutch goals under pressure. The contest swung back and forth, with Reason powering into a 3-1 lead before Endpoint came roaring back with some utterly phenomenal goals from Shakahron to deny Reason two match points. But in a nerve-shredding final round, Rix Ronday's men stayed focused and clinched the trophy, completing an unprecedented perfect season - with the ninth and final win being the sweetest of them all.


CS:GOMuch like their SFV team, Envy confounded predictions and crushed reigning champions Epsilon 3-0 to storm to the CS:GO trophy in astonishingly dominant fashion. Right from the first round of Map 1, Envy looked superior man-for-man; the likes of hAdji, VKLL and PetitSkel finding frags effortlessly with incredible accuracy and execution while Epsilon's star players like Xaisty and Jayzwalkingz just couldn't get going. A combination of Epsilon being below-par and Envy on untouchable form led to a brutally one-sided match, and Envy romped home 16-4, 16-9 and 16-3 to clinch the franchise's second trophy of Season 2 in remarkable style.



Franchise ChampionshipSpeaking of franchises, Reason's Rocket League triumph secured the Franchise Championship as their epic comeback is complete; from winning just one match across all three leagues in Season 1, an unbeaten Rocket League run combined with their CS:GO team making the semi-finals and their SFV squad finishing mid-table sees Reason become deserving Franchise winners for Season 2.We end Season 2 with three new champions and one franchise transformed from zeroes to heroes. Envy and Reason deservedly reign supreme in the Elite Series – can anyone dethrone them in Season 3? We'll have fun finding out.