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Week 2 of the Elite Series kicks off TONIGHT. The first-week nerves have (hopefully) worn off and all our teams will be looking to continue their winning ways… or kick them off if they got bodied last time. Here’s what you need to know going into tonight.



Our first match of the evening is Infused, arguably the favourites given their performance last week, against perennial underdogs Reason. Reason’s new firecracker Saltykid can’t make it this week, so team leader and OG Undacuva will take his place. Can experience beat youth? Considering Imstilldadaddy’s phenomenal Guile performance as of late, it’s a tall task. Look forward to pop-offs galore from a strong Infused side.

Next, Method vs Endpoint: Method will be trying to get a win on the board after a disappointing performance last week, while Endpoint will be looking to keep the momentum rolling after an incredible seven-game epic over EnVyUs. Hopefully we get to see Luffy vs Broski – battle of the poker faces. Will either show any emotion?

Prophecy vs exceL sees two teams that were victorious last week facing off, but only one can make it two in a row. Infexious and Hurricane are bringing the double-Abigail beatdown on the exceL side, while Shivryuken’s Laura was doing serious work for Prophecy. Finally, Epsilon will be looking to come back after a crushing defeat last week as they take on EnVyUs, who also lost in a far closer contest. With new signing Mr. Crimson, EnVyUs will be hoping to get a win on the board after the tight loss last time. We’re hoping for at least one epic TKR victory pop-off.



Rocket League week two kicks off with Infused vs exceL. Doomsee’s new Infused team lost in straight games last week, so all eyes will be on them to see if teamwork has improved. They’ll need it against a powerful exceL side. EnVyUs vs Epsilon, both teams losing 3 – 1 last week, is a pivotal match as neither side wants to be the one losing the first two matches of the season.

Endpoint vs Reason will be crucial for both teams. Endpoint lost their first match in a surprising landslide, failing to win a single round. Reason on the other hand, the team nobody ever gives a chance, scored a huge 3 – 0 win over the new Infused team. If Reason can keep things going with another win, it will set a huge statement that they shouldn’t be underestimated this season.


Finally, Prophecy vs Method pits two of the strongest teams in the season against each other. Prophecy’s new lineup of Mummisnow, Sebadam and Eyeignite looked very strong last week, but Method’s Sniper scored a huge seven goals across three games. This one is impossible to predict.



Prophecy vs Reason is our first match and Prophecy will be desperate to get points on the table. Dead last at the moment, they were the only team last week to not reach ten rounds and earn a single bonus point. Reason also lost this week, in a closer 16 – 12 game to EnVyUs, but they’ll be eager to pick up a win against potentially the weakest team of the season.

Endpoint vs exceL should be a balanced game – Endpoint won lsat week and exceL lost, but both games were close and both teams have world-class players. Will exceL’s house sharing antics prove to be the key to advanced teamwork, or will Endpoint’s strong fundamental play see them take the win? EnVyUs vs Infused is another game with two strong teams, one coming off a win, one coming off a loss, where we’re really struggling to pick a winner.

The last match of the weekend is Epsilon vs Method, arguably the two strongest teams of last week. Whoever wins this one will be certifying themselves as the team to beat in this early part of the season. Method’s Cruc1al was a standout player last week, but Epsilon’s Zinken scored an incredible ace with nothing but a Desert Eagle. This is a battle of the titans, a war for dominance of the Elite Series!



You can check out the Elite Series at any of the following streaming sites! Street Fighter V starts at 6pm Friday, Rocket League 10am Saturday and CS:GO 4pm Saturday (all times BST.)

Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/gfinitytv







You can grab tickets to the Elite Series for all three games right here:

SFV: https://www.gfinity.net/events/details/elite-series-season-2-street-fighter-v-week-2

RL: https://www.gfinity.net/events/details/elite-series-season-2-rocket-league-week-2 

CS:GO: https://www.gfinity.net/events/details/elite-series-season-2-cs-go-week-2