Elite Series Need To Know: Week 1

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Series 2 of the Gfinity Elite Series kicks off this week, with eight teams competing across Street Fighter V, Rocket League and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for glory, victory and prize money. Each week, right here on gfinity.net, we’ll be breaking down the things you need to know to best enjoy the action – standout matches, intense rivalries and the performances of teams compared to last season.

Something to consider is the fact that not all teams are fielding the same players – not unlike the NFL, a draft took place and included some interesting roster changes. Some fresh faces have graduated from the Gfinity Challenger Series and some who played in season one now find themselves playing for a different team than before. What’s going to happen when they come up against their old teammates?




In Street Fighter V, the first match pits Method against defending champions, exceL esports. Method will be looking to make a huge splash by taking out the champs in the very first match of the series, but with exceL attaining a comfortable 3-1 victory when the two played in season 1, is it possible? exceL’s team remains entirely unchanged from season 1, while Method have picked up Real Menace, formerly of Team Prophecy. Will he be the ace in the hole that Method needs to knock the champs off the top of the mountain?

Endpoint vs Team EnVyUs also promises to be interesting – Endpoint has drafted two new players from the Challenger Series, mossmossmoss and Poizesto. The Challenger Series is an online league that takes place in the months leading up to the Elite Series, and the top players in each game earn the potential to be drafted by one of our teams. These new draftees are extremely skilled in their game of choice online, but can they handle the nerves of live competition? Last time these teams player was a 3-1 win for Endpoint, but will these new players make a difference?



All eyes will be on champions, Endpoint as they take on Method this Saturday morning. After a comfortable 3-1 victory to Endpoint last season, will new players on both teams will make this a very different match?Reason Gaming will be looking to right the mistakes of last season. Winning only a single match throughout season 1, they’ll be hoping to do better against Team Infused than the 0-3 defeat they were dealt last time.

Former Prophecy player hello_ joins EnVyUs this season, but finds himself up against his old team in his first match of the season! Last time was a storming 3-0 victory for Prophecy… can hello_ do the same once more, but against his old friends?



Season 1 winners Epsilon will be facing off against exceL, with the defending champs no doubt eager to kick the new season off with a win. The last time these goliaths collided resulted in a clean sweep for Epsilon, but exceL will be hoping to change things with two new players: Cinder, previously of Reason, and Quix from Prophecy.

Endpoint play Infused in a match that must be difficult for new Team Infused member Jesp, having played for Endpoint last season. Knowing his opponents so well, will Jesp be able to offer valuable insight to his new team that leads to victory? With their match last season ending in a draw, this could be just what Infused needs to break the deadlock.


Gfinity Elite Series will be broadcast LIVE on https://twitch.tv/gfinitytv. All times are in BST. Click the links for more information on the event, as well as how to buy tickets.  


SFV: Friday, 18:30 - https://www.gfinity.net/events/details/elite-series-season-2-street-fighter-v-week-1

ROCKET LEAGUE: Saturday, 10:30 - https://www.gfinity.net/events/details/elite-series-season-2-rocket-league-week-1

CS: GO: Saturday, 17:30 - https://www.gfinity.net/events/details/elite-series-season-2-cs-go-week-1