Elite Series CS:GO Recap - Week 4

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Elite Series CS:GO Recap - Week 4

As we move closer to playoffs, Week four of the Elite Series proved to be very important for the teams that are battling for the top four positions. Let's take a look at what went down.


Prophecy v Reason

Opening the day would be an in form Prophecy team taking on Reason. A quick rotation to the B bombsite on Overpass gave Proph the opening pistol round and they quickly established a 3-0 lead. Prophecy began to run away with the map, securing a solid 10-0 lead before Reason managed to get a round on the board. Reason were able to halt the Proph momentum and at the half the score was 11-4 in favour of Prophecy. Reason were able to build from the end of the first half by taking the second pistol round. However, Reason weren't out of the game just yet as they managed to close the gap to 11-7 before some solid defence on the A bombsite enabled Prophecy to take their 12th round. The game was now very back and forth between the two sides but it was Prophecy who were able to maintain a slender lead over Reason. Eventually Prophecy took the map 16-14 to take the early lead in a very close map.

Prophecy started Mirage well, securing the first pistol round once again. They managed to secure an early 4-1 lead. Some sneaky flanks from Reason payed off with Hoodlum scoring a quick 2K to give his team a crucial round win. The flanks seemed to be a problem for Prophecy as Reason responded and reduced the gap to 6-5. The game was yet another back and forth contest between the two sides but it was Prophecy who were able to maintain their lead. Proph were able to close out the game 16-7 to take the series 2-0.

Endpoint v exceL


Starting the series on Overpass, the opening pistol round went in favour of Endpoint. A nice 3k from Pickles from toxic gave Endpoint a comfortable 6-2 lead but exceL were able to respond and pull the half back to a score of 8-7. Endpoint took the second pistol round and began to run away with the game. A 14-7 lead in favour of Endpoint and the match looked to be over for exceL, however, they began to respond with some round wins of their own to reduce the deficit. exceL mounted a great comeback to bring the score to 15-14 thanks to an easy 3K for Whindanski from monster but it wasn't enough and Endpoint were able to take the opening game 16-14, securing an early lead in the series.

The momentum continued for Endpoint as they began Inferno. Pickles opened the game with a clinical 4K from pit to give his team the opening pistol round. This time, exceL managed to build a slight lead and showed why they are a great team on the T side. Some nice executes onto the bombsites from exceL gave them a convincing 11-4 lead at the end of the half. exceL continued to assert their dominance as they switched to the CT side to take Inferno 16-9 to secure a well earned point in the series.

Method v EnVyUs

Cache would be the opening map for Method against EnVyUs. Weber clutched a massive 1v4 to secure the opening pistol round for Method but EnVy immediately answered back to level the game. The opening rounds were very back and forth but EnVy were able to quickly gain control to give them a 9-3 lead nearing the end of the first half. Method grabbed a couple of rounds to reduce the deficit but EnVy still ended the half 10-5.


The second pistol round was just as insane as the first. Jackz hit a nasty 4K to give the Boys In Blue an 11-5 lead to open the second half. Method were able to string some rounds together to stop EnVy from running away with the match. Some great defensive AWPing on the B bombsite from Pulse kept Method in the game but it didn't stop EnVy from closing out the game 16-12 to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

Moving onto Cobble, EnVyUs took the opening pistol with ease, taking down all 5 Method players without any casualties. Rounds were traded back and forth between the two teams. However, it was Method who came out on top at the end of the half with a soild 10-5 lead. Could they claim a draw? EnVy secured the second pistol round of the game and began to close the gap. Thanks to some clinical executes, EnVy quickly overturned the lead and went on to take the game 16-11 to secure another 2-0 series victory.

Infused v Epsilon

Our final match of the day would see Epsilon taking on Infused. Beginning on Mirage, Epsilon took the first pistol round before Smooya scored a 3K to give his team an early 5-1 lead. Infused were able to get some rounds on the board but at the end of the half, they were trailing 9-6. Epsilon looked the better team easily reading their opposition. The great reads from Epsilon secured a 3 round lead and they pushed forward to take the map. Despite Epsilon having the lead, it was a rather back and forth contest. An important 2K from RedSNK with the Five-Seven on short gave Infused a way back into the match but it wasn't enough as Epsilon went on to take Mirage 16-10 to lead the series 1-0.


Inferno would be next and Infused grabbed the opening pistol round to begin the game. Momentum was slowly building for the red army as they moved into a 3-0 lead but Epsilon were ruthless and responded with 4 rounds of their . Infused were able to respond with some aggression of their own, taking a 7-6 lead before heading into half time with a one round advantage.

Epsilon managed to begin the second half with some more aggression to take a 13-9 lead. The offensive strategies paid off, as Epsilon went on to take the game 16-9 to take their second victory in two weeks.

Another great day of CSGO action has come to a close. Playoffs are moving ever closer and it's all to play for.

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