CS:GO Patch Notes (23rd April): Latest updates for Counter-Strike Global Offensive take aim at six maps

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, better known as CS:GO, has just got a hefty update that makes changes to many of the long-running shooter's maps.

These changes are mainly focused on Cache, which now has some graphical tweaks, while even recent community maps Anubis and Chlorine have received some changes, too – albeit on the minor side.

Read on for the full notes.

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CS:GO Patch Notes – April 23, 2020

As per the Counter-Strike blog, all of these changes are related to the game's maps. 


  • Changed default CT faction to FBI.
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  • Latest version of radar.


  • Improved visibility map-wide.
  • Brightened hiding spot near sandbags.
  • Brightened A Main.
  • Brightened B Main.
  • Brightened target placed in corner under B Heaven.
  • Reduced visual noise.
  • Reduced foliage clutter.
  • Speculative fix to ragdolls floating on the A Bombsite.
  • Optimizations.
  • Adjusted HDR settings.


  • Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.
  • Fixed clipping on dumpster at A site.

Wingman Nuke:

  • Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.
  • Radar now uses new graphical style.


  • Fixed gap under box on B site.
  • Added ramp-clipping to side of box.
  • Fixed some minor graphical bugs.

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