Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 10th Operation Arriving Next Week?

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It has been a while since the conclusion of Operation Shattered Web for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Players have patiently waited for new information from developer and publisher Valve in regards to the tenth Operation arriving to the first-person shooter.


While Valve has remained silent on the subject, it appears that a leak has uncovered details surrounding the next Operation coming to the game.

Find out everything we know about the unnamed Operation including potential game modes, brand-new maps and more!

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The Leak

Skin creator and level designer @Hollandje97 uncovered a pattern within the database of the game.


The changes heavily resemble those that were made just before the start of Operation Shattered Web, suggesting that the release of the new Operation could well be just around the corner.

Picture 1: 18 hours ago on CSGO's steamdb page, 1 day before Operation 10? Picture 2: Last year, 1 day before Operation Shattered Web was released (19 November)Picture 3: End of Operation Shattered Web (13 March 2020)I think it's time to prepare for Operation 10 people 🧐
— Julien 🇳🇱 (@Hollandje97)
November 6, 2020

Other users added fuel to the fire, stating that further information would be arriving “really soon” and that “Winter is coming”. Could this be a potential clue to the theme of the Operation?!


New Content

As always, a new Operation brings in a wealth of brand-new content including new game modes, new maps, and even new skins.

According to YouTuber VNN Tyler, there is a lot of new Danger Zone content arriving, along with remakes of Office and Mirage.

Find the rumoured list of content below:

  • 1v1 Versus Mode
  • Survival-based “Dungeons”
  • New Danger Zone map – “Frostbite”
  • New Danger Zone utility – “Tripwire”
  • Remakes to Office and Mirage

Potential Release Date

Operation Shattered Web released on November 19th and with the latest discoveries in the database of the game, the release of the brand-new Operation is likely to be released at some point in November.

An exact date is still unclear but based off the release of Shattered Web, the chances of it releasing soon are extremely high.