CSGO: New Cache Tips And Tricks Tutorial For The Best Smokes, Strats, Jumps And Sniper Spots To Make You A CSGO Cache GOD

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Recently, CSGO updated Cache to give it a much needed facelift; with it comes adjustments to the map structure and how it plays. With that, there are new smokes, jump spots and wallbangs you can execute; you'll want to be informed about the best New CacheTips and Tricks you can use. There are lots of tutorials and videos floating around the internet, trying to master the best strategies and tactics to help you dominate the map.

Skill in Cache has always been in the ability to rotate quickly between the bomb sites, regardless of what side you were on. In the new Cache, abusing the map to your advantage is more important than ever. Let's look at some of the spots you'll want to be sniping from, jumping to, smoking off, and shooting through in matchmaking.


Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly, we will be updating this article as soon as we find new and innovative ways to play Cache.

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Cache Smokes

A good smoke for a mid-round fake; this smoke is relatively easy to lineup and blocks off the new viewing angle for the CTs. The big problem with this smoke is that it is limited in its usefulness, because you will only be able to execute it mid or late-round. 

Credit: u/JayRay_77


Fast mid smokes are the hallmark of Cache, as it stops a mid rush in its tracks and can give CTs the time to gain advantageous positions to defend. This smoke is very easy to execute as it only requires a simple lineup and throw (no jump required) and should become a new standard smoke for everyone to use in the future.

Credit: u/JayRay_77

Here are two offensive smokes for Ts, trying to execute on A. These are very useful for a quick execute as it limits the CTs to relying on defenders on the site itself. You could easily supplement these smokes with a smoke for NBK and a molotov on quad to take A quickly and with minimal resistance from the CTs. Definitely a set of smokes to keep in the strat book.

Credit: u/JayRay_77

Cache Wallbangs and Killspots

The new middle wall bang for attackers is relatively easy to line up and gives a lot of options for forcing CTs off of angles, so you can execute without fear of being shot. This should be a very useful wallbang, as fights over mid have always defined Cache. 

Credit: u/robithekid


A high skill surf, this skill-based maneuver will take a lot of practice to pull off and be very situational, but could be useful for trying to clutch. Or if you are a certain Natus Vincere player who is known for AWP heroics, this could be something you do every other round. 

Credit: u/flipmyasp

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Cache Jumps

The video is not very long, but the jumps average about 5-6 seconds per jump. They range from very easy jumps that were found in the old Cache, to new strafe jumps in mid. A lot of these jumps are more useful for defenders than they are for attackers, because they are focused on being setup in an off-angle, versus setting you up for a dive on a site. Some of these jumps require knowing how to strafe, bunny hop (bhop), or surf and there are a plethora of community created maps for learning how to perfect each of those mechanics. 


This is a strafe jump that is useful for T-side players looking to catch CTs overrotating or for CTs looking to save their weapons without being found. It is very niche in utility and requires some strafe jumping to execute, but it is good to know if you want to enhance your survivability in broken rounds.

Credit: u/YourGenericName

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Written ByEzekiel Carsella@jamaican116