CSGO: Berlin Major Announcement Stickers, Graffiti, Viewer Passes, Souvenir Packages, Diamond Coin, Pick’Em Challenge, All you need to know

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With the countdown on to the CSGO Berlin Major, details on all purchasable items for the Berlin Starladder Major have been released. While these items aren’t for sale yet, prices have been released for the redesigned viewer pass and images released for the stickers that will feature at the Berlin Major.

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Viewer Passes and Souvenir Tokens


Viewer passes have seen the most change from the Katowice Major DLC. The standard pass now costs $12.99, an increase from the previous $9.99 price. A pass that comes with 3 souvenir tokens costs $19.99.

The viewer pass is necessary for those looking to earn the series of Berlin 2019 Event Coins. In addition to the Pick’Em challenge, to earn the diamond coin, fans must now complete a series of missions.

Previously an owner of the viewer pass simply had to get enough points in the Pick’Em challenge. To count as completing a challenge in the new system players must make five out of nine correct guesses on the New Challenger and Legend stages. Then for the Champions stage a viewer must correctly pick two winning Quarterfinalists, one winning Semi-Finalist, and the winner of the Final.  

The other challenges can be completed by watching a certain amount of matches and winning 10 rounds on all the Active Duty Maps over the 6 week period of the Major. This may be problematic for fans who will not be able to play the game during the Major cycle.

Now as a viewer pass owner upgrades their coin they will acquire a souvenir token that can be used to purchase a souvenir packages. Previously these packages could only be bought or randomly dropped while watching matches. Souvenir tokens are also purchasable and can be redeemed until September 30th.

The number of challenges required to upgrade the coin are as such:

·      Silver: 8


·      Gold: 12

·      Diamond: 16

A viewer pass will give players access to all 24 team graffities that can be used in game. Furthermore, team flairs can be displayed on a steam.tv profile.

Team and player autograph stickers are returning with the usual holo, foil and gold variants. As before these stickers can be bought from other users on the steam marketplace or from capsules (although certain countries don’t allow for the opening of capsules). The capsules for both teams and autographs are categorised as follows:

Legends Teams

Returning Challenger Teams

Minor Teams


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Some organisations and players have expressed dissatisfaction with their submitted sticker design not being implemented. Most notably Team Liquid’s manager Steve Perino who tweeted "Really frustrating when so much work goes into the design and process and all of the social media, graphics, new jerseys ect... Then we get the sticker we submitted last major...".

The Starladder Berlin Major begins on the 23rd August, for further details on the tournament read here.

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Written ByTom Stewart-Smith