Challenger Series Week 9 Leaderboards

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We have a winner...

The final head has been shot, the last scrub has been bodied, and the “Nice shot!” spam has finally ceased. Challengers, season 1 is over!



Our nerds are poring over the data, preparing for the next stages of the competition, contacting potential draftees, assembling our pro teams in time for the start of the Elite Series on the 7th July (read more about that here:

) and so all that remains is for one last deep dive into the week’s leaderboard data!


Spreadsheets at the ready - we’re going in…



Rocket League #1:


6 GLORIOUS WEEKS in the number one spot - a truly dominant performance! Alex entered all 10 cups under the ParallaX banner in the final 2 weeks of season 1 and only failed to make the the semis on 1 occasion (although, interestingly, outright victory eluded him). Consistently by his side, both in-game and on the boards, DataRL secures the #2 spot just snatching it from Infused’s EyeIgnite after a slightly early exit on Sunday’s final season 1 competition. Little change in the mid table but Bluey sneaks into the #10 spot after winning the final cup of the season (all hail Stone gaming!) 


Street Fighter #1:



The Cinderella man with the bendiest limbs around. In the final weeks of competition Broski’s Dhalsim became a regular, feared feature of the Street Fighter cups as he appeared in 50% of the finals (winning 3 of them). A clear 1200 points clear of rival, Atrosh, we have a clear winner! A last minute rally from Venom sees him leap up and secure 4th after a big win on Friday and 2nd place on Sunday. Gun Slinga overtakes Shakz and early leader, Infexious, finishes in a respectable 8th position.


CS:GO #1:


In season 2, how do you come first on the leaderboards? It’s simple - you beat the Batman. Fines held down the top spot for almost the entire competition. Much like his Rocket League counterpart, Alex161, consistency was key to his performance as he barely missed a cup. Ever nipping at his heels are the OFF-MODE Gray guys in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th with Skill.OD bringing up the rear. 


That’s a wrap! GGWP to all competitors and contenders and we’ll see you in Season 2.



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