Challenger Series Week 8 Leaderboards

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Leaderboards: The FINAL Countdown

Here we go Challengers - we’re into the FINAL week of season 1! Sunday’s cups will round-off an awesome first ever Challenger season. Massive shout outs to you guys for being there from the start (enjoy the bragging rights). We’ve had our eyes on some of the Challenger finals and we can see that everyone’s bringing their A-game - check out last week’s highlights:




Tune back in early next week to see the final positions, stats, and to learn what happens next (hint: it’s going to blow your mind!)



Enough of the jibber-jabber! Let’s dive, one more time, into those spreadsheets…


Very little movement on the


Rocket League

boards this week. The wunderkind consolidates his lead with another 3 semi-final placements. Doomsee and Sebadam, in their finest Infused livery, make it to the semis in an unprecedented 5 consecutive appearances - leap frogging Kaydop, who’s been awol since last week :’( Pwndx puts in an outstanding performance with 3 wins in the last week, WP! Catch his only defeat from Monday’s final, here:




As ever -

Street Fighter

is where the drama’s at! Broski has been quietly kicking backside and taking names for the past few weeks. Last week saw him appear in 3 semis, 1 final as runner up and take the cup outright on 2 occasions. Catch him in action against 10th placed Gun Slinga (Infused) here:



Hurricane is back in the top 10 after a big win on Sunday. With 10 G-points separating the top 2 - this is the board to watch this week for an outright popcorn-fest.

Officially untouchable, fines could simply not show up this week and still place first in our CS:GO leaderboard. A true competitor, props for entering almost every cup going! Occasional teammates, Kadilkrk and souLek join him to secure the #2 and #3 spots. Early leaders, Ryloni, sneak back on to the bottom of the top 10.


Tune in next week to see how it all played out!

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