Challenger Series Week 7 Leaderboards

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Challenger Series Week 7 Leaderboards: The FINAL week approacheth (for real this time)

Ok, we mean it this time, next week will be the final 7 days of Challenger Series season 1! From today: 48 cups, £7,160 in prizes, and a whopping 63,261 G-points remain to be claimed by you, our budding contenders and competitors. Even at this late stage the leaderboards are not set in stone. Who knows which of you hungry potential eSports stars will catch the eyes of our 8 Elite pro teams; could you be hitting the big stage in an EnvyUs jersey? We’ll soon know...



Spreadsheets at the ready - it’s time for the weekly deep dive into the movers and shakers for Challenger Series: week 7…


Blasting off with 


Rocket League

 (pun intended) the mysterious Alex161 has done it again - firmly occupying the number 1 spot for a 4th consecutive week. Unbelievably, Alex161 has never won a Cup but instead finished consistently in the top 4 throughout the season’s cups. Consistency pays off, kids! Kaydop “dops” 3 spots to 5th after a somewhat inactive week. Doomsee and Sebadam (Infused) boost up into the big leagues with a big win on Sunday and 2 Quarter final finishes since then. With this form, could Infused finally usurp Alex161 and ParallaX? Time will tell!


Out on the 


Street (Fighter)

 Broski continues a hot, hot streak with 2 semi-final placements and a

well earned win

on Tuesday to firmly secure 2nd place. Atrosh secures 2nd place in the big Sunday cup to maintain a solid lead and hangs on to 1st place. Shakz (Infused) returns to the top 10 with that HUGE Sunday cup win whilst the rest of the table remains largely unchanged.



How does he do it? 


 - Fines holds that top spot for another week but fresh competition arrives in the form of JOODHAEWOOJAE, aimbat and co (SkiLL.od) - you can check them out in Friday’s “


Plays of the Week

”. Familiar faces vie for position whilst madGOD and DEADMAUS are curiously absent...


GG WP to all Challengers - see you next week!



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