Crysis Remastered: Images And Screenshots

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Crysis is getting a remake sometime this year in the Summer.

The creators of the game have their own engine and have teased at some Crysis footage, as well as a listing going live on the Nintendo Eshop.


Screenshots are further down!

Crysis Remastered Screenshots

Nintendo Switch Eshop

Crysis Remastered was listed on the Nintendo Eshop, fans weren't thrilled with the screenshots produced for the Switch.


Many said it looked exactly like the original and they expected more.



Crytek also teased in their CryEngine video on Youtube some footage of what consoles like Xbox One, PS4 and PC could have in store due to their higher capabilities for graphics in comparison to the switch.

The video wasn't long but it gives an insight into the detail in shaders, lighting and more.