Crysis Remastered: How To Destroy Helicopters

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Crysis Remastered was due to be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC on the 23rd of July of this year, although it has been delayed.

It was a lot harder in the past to find out how to do things in the game due to a lack of forums and guides.


Here's how to destroy helicopters.

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How To Destroy Helicopters

Going off of the original Crysis there are a few ways to take down helicopters.

  1. Fire a couple of rockets at the helo if you have them to hand, this is the fastest and most efficient way.
  2. Shoot a few rounds at the copter tail using an unsuppressed weapon. Once it begins to smoke, a few more hits and it will get taken down.
  3. If you think you're up for a nigh on impossible challenge, or you feel incredibly lucky, it's possible to snipe the pilot of the chopper. This isn't recommended unless you just messing about!

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