Update Ledger Crypto Wallet Firmware: How To Download The Latest Ledger Live Update

If you’re wondering how to update your Ledger Nano crypto wallet firmware, here’s what you need to know.

Like any good piece of software, Ledger Live regularly receives updates to enhance security, improve performance, add fixes, or upgrade the user experience.

Here’s how to update your Ledger firmware.

How To Update Ledger Wallet

First, you’ll need to ensure your Ledger Live application is fully updated. As of October 2021, the most recent Ledger Live version is 2.33.1.

As Ledger states, If a new update is available, an orange banner should appear at the top of your Ledger app, prompting you to update.

At this stage, you should make you have your 24-word recovery phrase, just in case you need it. In fact, once you start the firmware update, Ledger will ask whether you have your recovery phrase on hand.

After the update starts, it will show you an Identifier code. Check that this matches up with your own Identifier in the Manager section, and continue the update. You will then need to enter your PIN, before the Ledger Nano wallet restarts and automatically installs the latest update.

If something went wrong during the update, and your Ledger device reset, you’ll still be able to access your private keys by using your recovery phrase. You can find out how to restore your Ledger wallet here.

How To Fix Ledger Nano X/S Update Not Working

One common issue experienced by Ledger users sees them unable to update their Ledger wallet. Users may see their updates get stuck, or may never be prompted to download a new update, for example.

If this happens, one fix that some Ledger users on Reddit have seen success with is to download the update manually via the Ledger website. Given the crypto industry is rife with scammers attempting to access your keys, it is vital to only download this from the official source – Ledger.com.

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