UK And US Have Lowest Percentage of Crypto Owners While Vietnam Has The Highest, Says Report

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A recent poll found that the UK and US are among the countries with the lowest percentage of cryptocurrency owners. According to the survey, Vietnam and Indonesia had the highest percentage.

As published in Finder’s Cryptocurrency Ownership Report (via, just 8% of those polled in the UK said they owned cryptocurrency, while just 9% of those in the US said the same.


The report surveyed 42,000 individuals from 27 countries.

Crypto Ownership by Country

Of the 8% in the UK who claimed to own cryptocurrency, 4% own bitcoin and 2% own Ethereum – the lowest of the 27 countries surveyed. Finder’s cited the stricter UK regulations for exchanges and cryptocurrency holders in the UK.

In the US, 5% hold bitcoin, and 2% hold Ethereum, with Finder stating that while the US is an attractive market for tech startups, the country “lacks regulatory clarity around cryptocurrencies.”


In Vietnam, 41% of those polled said they owned cryptocurrency, with 20% holding bitcoin. However, Finder’s also clarified the percentage of Vietnamese cryptocurrency owners is likely much lower as the sample may not be nationally representative. It stated:

The sample may skew more towards those within demographic brackets more likely to have invested in crypto – such as Internet users in a country where only two-in-three homes have Internet access.

The report also made similar observations about the countries ranked second and third on the list: Indonesia (30%) and India (30%).

Of the European countries polled, Belgian respondents were among the most likely to own cryptocurrency. 26% of Belgians said they owned cryptocurrency, with 9% holding bitcoin, but just 2% holding Ethereum.


As per the survey, bitcoin continues to dominate the cryptocurrency market. Malaysia had the highest level of Ethereum ownership, with 7% claiming to hold ETH.

Crypto Ownership by Age and Gender

Out of those surveyed, 25–34-year-olds were the most likely to own cryptocurrency. 21% in this age group said they owned some form of cryptocurrency.

After this group, 18-25 and 35-44-year-olds averaged a 20% ownership rate. This was then followed by 45-54 (17%), 55-64 (13%) and 65+ (12%).


Men were more likely than women to hold cryptocurrency in every country surveyed. This gap was closest in South Korea, with only 1% separating men and women.

In the UK, 12% of men claimed to hold cryptocurrency compared to just 5% of women. In the US, 6% of women said they held cryptocurrency, against 13% of men polled.

You can see the full results of the survey here.

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