Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Mocks Ethereum In Latest Tweet

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Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has taken aim at Ethereum holders in a recent tweet.

The tweet in question, which intended to show off his new 'Latest' Twitter feed, included an image of a tweet calling Ethereum a scam.


Dorsey is a prominent bitcoin advocate, with many of his latest tweets being in favour of the cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Fury In The Replies

Dorsey's tweet featured a cropped screenshot of a tweet from @notgrubles which criticised The Ethereum Foundation.


There is a chance that this screenshot was coincidental, given Dorsey's interest in cryptocurrency means his feed may feature tweets on the subject.

However, Dorsey rejected this in his reply to a tweet suggesting the Ethereum criticism was just a coincidence.

The Twitter CEO's comments attracted countless rebuttals from likely Ethereum holders defending the cryptocurrency, while other users saw the funnier side of his tweet.

Others pointed to Dorsey's use of Ethereum in selling his first tweet as an NFT.

Dorsey is among the most active voices in the online cryptocurrency community. He, along with the likes of Charles Hoskinson, criticised the recent Senate Infrastructure Bill after the rejection of various amendments aimed at cryptocurrency.

In mid-July, Dorsey said his company Square would create a bitcoin DeFi platform called TBD.


Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two-largest cryptocurrencies on the market. They have market caps of $853,382,654,924 and $368,909,596,195, respectively, at the time of writing.

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[Featured Photo by Executium on Unsplash]