The Biggest SHIB Billboard: Artist Draws Shiba Inu On Irish Beach

While that Times Square SHIB billboard may have been fake, one artist has taken Shiba Inu promotion to the next level through a huge sand drawing of its logo.

Drawn by artist Mario Perez on Ballybunion Beach in County Kerry, Ireland, the Shiba Inu artwork gained immense praise from the ShibArmy when first shared last month.

Planet Crypto spoke to Perez about his artwork, and the decision to draw SHIB.

Shiba Inu Sand Art

According to Perez, the reason and message behind his Shiba Inu drawing was simple. “It's to get the message across that generational wealth is coming [with] Shiba Inu,” he said.

To create the Shiba artwork and other drawings, Perez uses a rake, broom, and a spoon attached to a stick. Drawing the designs out can take anywhere between 3-7 hours, he said.

He described the drawing as “the greenest billboard on Earth” as “nothing went to the landfill - not gasoline, [no] electricity was used, just passion.”

The artist also created an NFT of his drawing, with 70% of sales going to Bigger Entertainment's SHIB Burn Party, according to the listing.

Aside from Shiba Inu art, Perez has also drawn Dogecoin and Safemoon artwork in the past.

Outside of cryptocurrency, he also creates artwork for newlyweds and the recently deceased. Originally from Huntington Beach in California, Perez has gained quite a following in Ireland. “ I feel like Bigfoot sometimes,” he said, referencing the time someone tracked him with a helicopter while drawing.

While the Shiba NFT community may be thriving, Perez joins a collection of artists creating physical artwork around SHIB. This includes Miami artist StaySeaArt, who painted murals of her two Shiboshi NFTs last month.

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