Terra Virtua Hopes To Make NFT Collecting Actually Fun

Terra Virtua NFT

Terra Virtua NFT

For most NFT owners, the journey ends with your NFT collection sitting in a wallet. Sure, you can proudly display an NFT on your Twitter profile, or maybe use it in a game, but that’s where the use ends - at least on platforms like OpenSea.

However, this could soon change. NFT marketplace and platform Terra Virtua is creating its own metaverse that will provide a virtual reality space for users to interact with their owned assets.

Planet Crypto spoke to Terra Virtua’s CEO and Co-Founder Jawad Ashraf to find out more.

Terra Virtua’s Virtual NFT Spaces in the Metaverse

Known as the Fancave, Terradome, and Art Gallery, Terra Virtua will provide a place for NFT holders to engage with their NFTs within the metaverse.

“Accessibility has been one of our key objectives throughout the development of the Terra Virtua marketplace, allowing users to instantly view their assets in a 3D space and take them into the metaverse,” said Ashraf.

“Using gamification, we move from just collecting for the sake of completion, to engaging users through competing and creating new experiences.”

The Fancave and Art Gallery experiences are available to download on Windows PC.

“We built them all to work in VR/AR, and enabling users to pick up and interact with their NFTs with their hands adds a completely new dimension to their collectables,” Ashraf added. “VR brings the ultimate immersion where you can customise and livestream your personal space to share and showcase your collections.”

While unplugged from the metaverse, this is just one of many steps Terra Virtua is taking in its transition away from its marketplace origins toward a more metaverse-focused platform.

“We have established ourselves as a curated marketplace for NFTs through partnerships with major brands, but the ambition for Terra Virtua has always been to create a mainstream metaverse platform and become a major player in that space.”

Terra Virtua has just launched Terra Virtua Studios, in which it will create its own game using its VFLECT characters. According to Ashraf, this game will launch later in 2022.

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