Space Crypto Release Date: When Will The Space Crypto NFT Game Launch?

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Space Crypto Logo on a blurred galaxy background.

Space Crypto is a new NFT game built on Binance Smart Chain and Solana blockchain, but when can we expect the release?

The gameplay involves intriguing elements including the integration of the Metaverse combined with play-to-earn NFT features. Space Crypto includes players participating as space guardians to protect the Space Metaverse from hidden threats and attacks.


Attracting a notable, buzz before its launch, here's a closer look at Space Crypto.

Space Crypto Release Date

The Space Crypto mainnet is slated launch on February 15 at 3 AM UTC.

This comes after players were given the chance to explore a Testnet version of Space Crypto throughout December and January.


We aren't yet sure whether this will include a launch on both Solana and BSC. The Space Crypto roadmap puts the BSC launch in Q1 2022, while the Solana launch is in Q2.

Future updates and features coming in 2022 and beyond include: Battle Boss mode, PvP mode, Marketplace launch, Land NFT functionality, 3D VR NFTs, and Guilds.

What Is Space Crypto?

The Space Crypto NFT game is about defending the Space Metaverse from numerous attacks by becoming a space guardian.


As a space guardian, the player is responsible for assembling its fleet of spaceships. A user must own at least one spaceship to commence their journey as a space captain. The players can own as many spaceships for 10 $SPG.

The spaceships NFTs also have different features and specifications and are categorized as

  • Common - 82.00%
  • Rare - 10.00%
  • Super Rare - 6.00%
  • Epic - 1.40%
  • Legendary - 0.55%
  • Mythical - 0.05%

Other NFT features that can be purchased include bases that can reduce the loading time of spaceships, allowing them to enter the battlefield on time. Bases also come in different ranges such as Small (Alpha 1,2,3), Medium (Beta 1,2,3), and Large (Gamma 1,2,3). The bases will impact the loading time of the spaceship.

Apart from these, the game offers two tokens for the users to trade and initiate their gameplay. These are SPG and SPE. While SPG is the main token in Space Metaverse, SPE's introduction is intended to simplify the payments in Space Crypto and other games in the Space Metaverse.