Solana NFTs: Here's Where To Buy SOL NFTs

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If you want to buy Solana (SOL) NFTs, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Solana is quickly positioning itself as an alternative to Ethereum, competing with Cardano (ADA) for the ‘Ethereum Killer’ title. Further NFT support and adoption could be key to this.


Here’s how to buy Solana NFTs.

Where To Buy Solana NFTs

Unlike Ethereum, where OpenSea rules the NFT market, there are several marketplaces that support Solana NFTs – with most being in either beta or alpha stages.

SolSea is among the most prominent of these marketplaces, positioning itself as “the first NFT marketplace that enables creators to choose and embed licenses when they mint NFTs.”


A total of 15,575 NFTs are listed on SolSea at the time of writing.

Aside from SolSea, Solanart is a popular NFT marketplace that launched before SolSea. According to Solanart, the site has facilitated 304,957 sales overall, for a total volume of 3,693,344 SOL ($556 million).

Solana holders can also buy SOL NFTs from the DigitalEyes marketplace, or from FTX.US. FTX also lets users deposit Solana NFTs into its platform for listing.

In terms of pure fees, the costs for each platform are as follows:

  • SolSea: 3% per transaction
  • Solanart: 3% per transaction
  • DigitalEyes: 2.5% service fee, plus royalty fee
  • FTX.US: 2% per transaction

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How To Buy Solana NFTs

To buy a Solana NFT on most marketplaces, you will need to connect a Solana-based wallet.

Phantom, SolFlare, and Sollet are among the most popular and accepted wallets by markeplaces, although SolSea does not accept SolFlare. This may frustrate Solana stakers who want to use their staked SOL earned via SolFlare.

For FTX, however, you will need to deposit or buy SOL into the FTX platform, and pass your KYC checks to at least Level 1.


Each of the Solana-supported NFT marketplaces have their own fees, collections, and terms. It’s important to DYOR on your platform of choice before committing funds to it – the same can be said for new NFT collections. This is especially vital now after Solana’s recent rug pull scandals.

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