Shytoshi Kusama Reveals New Card From Shiba Inu Game Based On SHIB Dates

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Shiba Inu Game Trading Card
Credit: Unsplash

The Shiba Inu project lead Shytoshi Kusama has unveiled a brand-new card for the Shiba Inu Game, in reference to the initial ShibaSwap date of late-April.

This is the latest card revealed by Shytoshi, following the Bonk Shiba Inu trading card revealed in May 2021.


As we gear up towards the Shiba Inu Game launch, perhaps coming in September, here’s the latest card revealed.

New Trading Card for the Shiba Inu Game

After posting on the Shiba Inu Discord about a variety of topics, Shytoshi shared an image of the Late April trading card from the upcoming SHIB Collectible Card Game.

Featuring on the card is an image of a calendar and a description of what the card does. The description reads:

Give All Friendly Fighters 2 Attack At The End Of Your Next Turn

This is a further expansion on Shytoshi’s May 2022 card reveal, which did not feature a description.


The name Late April is a nod to the Shiba Inu team’s initial promise that ShibaSwap would launch in late-April 2021, only for this to be delayed until later in the summer. This ShibaSwap delay is also now one reasons the Shiba team is reluctant to announce dates for projects like Shibarium.

It also displays a different identifier at the bottom of the card. While the Bonk card has a pair of sunglasses, this latest card features a headband. We’re unsure what these mean specifically. However, we would imagine it relates to the different card types - whether an effect, equipment, location, or character, for example.

Different cards have also included attack and defence stats - likely the characters used in the card game.


Shytoshi provided little other information about the card, aside from stating it is an “actual card in game”.

Of course, this card could still change. Various iterations of Shiba-inspired cards have been posted throughout PlaySide Studios’ development of the game.

This latest reveal comes after Shytoshi released a Medium post expanding on further details of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, including the SHI stablecoin and the TREAT token.