Shytoshi Kusama Addresses Shiba Inu FUD About The SHIB Ecosystem

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Shiba Inu FUD has been dismissed by SHIB project lead Shytoshi Kusama, who took aim at those criticising the current Shiba Inu ecosystem development.

With the Shiba Inu roadmap meaning a lot of focus has been on the Shiba Metaverse and other projects such as the Welly restaurant, some SHIB users have expressed concern about the role of SHIB as LEASH and BONE entered the limelight relating to the land sale and Shibarium Layer-2.


Here’s what Shytoshi had to say about the criticisms.

Shytoshi Kusama Defends Shiba Team

In a speech on the Shiba Discord, Shytoshi devoted a section to talking about the FUD - or criticism - of SHIB.

Some SHIB holders questioned why SHIB was not given a larger role in the Shiba metaverse sale. Others seem more motivated by the price of SHIB, which remains 70% down from its All-Time High.


“The FUD is a mess and all it does it does is stress out the people behind the scenes trying their darndest to lock in stronger partnershibs and leverage what we have,” he said.

He also took aim at the motivations behind the negative remarks about Shiba Inu. “Sometimes they want people to dump Shib so you can buy into Sh*tcoinX,” he said. “Sometimes it's just malice or hatred for the team and sometimes it doesn't even make sense.

“No hard feelings for any legit token, and scammers can get rekt.”


Shytoshi also defended BONE and LEASH. “To truly be decentralised a voting mechanism must take place,” he said regarding BONE. BONE is the governance token running the Doggy DAO.

This may not be the last we hear of Shytoshi regarding FUD around the Shiba Inu token. On Twitter, he posted he might create a new article relating to these comments and reassuring SHIB holders.

We’ll keep you updated on Planet Crypto about any new articles from the project lead that come about.