ShibArmy Pushes For Robinhood To Be 100th Exchange To Accept SHIB

Robinhood Logo above Robinhood word, with SHIB logo's replacing the letter 'o' in the word.

SHIB holders remain hopeful that a Robinhood Shiba Inu listing is coming, pushing the exchange to become the 100th platform to support SHIB.

After Watcher Guru reported Vivid Money is the 99th exchange to support SHIB, a renewed effort sees the ShibArmy target the unchanged crypto offerings of Robinhood.

So, could it happen?

ShibArmy Still Hopes For Robinhood Listing

In January, yet more rumours swirled around the internet about Robinhood listing SHIB. The most prominent one came from political outlet Zerohedge, who tweeted that Robinhood would list Shiba Inu in February.

However, as we approach the end of February with no listing, it seems this is yet another unfounded Shiba rumour.

Regardless, the ShibArmy remains set on making Robinhood its 100th exchange. Shiba community member Milkshake tweeted about a potential listing, stating: "I'm looking at you, Robinhood. Be [No.100] and list Shiba Inu."

Milkshake, who has been instrumental in pushing for Shiba listings on new exchanges, followed up by stating she is ready to present a formal presentation to Robinhood regarding SHIB, too.

Other Shib community members have picked up on this 100th exchange, rallying the ShibArmy to call for a listing.

Some SHIB holders are less sympathetic towards Robinhood, noting the company's potential losses by not listing SHIB.

Unless it acts fast, however, Robinhood will miss out on this 100th exchange number. Crypto exchange Bitstamp is already planning to list SHIB in the future.

Instead, Robinhood appears more focused on its crypto wallet offerings than on new cryptocurrency listings. While an internet-breaking SHIB announcement is expected this week, perhaps Robinhood isn't it.

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