ShibArmy Celebrates As AMC Sets SHIB Acceptance Date For March

Shiba Inu Logo next to AMC cinema

Shiba Inu Logo next to AMC cinema

AMC CEO Adam Aron reaffirmed the cinema chains commitment to Q1 2022 support for SHIB and Dogecoin yesterday, stating it would “most likely” happen in March.

With payments coming through the website and mobile app, AMC first announced its intentions to support SHIB in mid-November.

Through this move, AMC will be among the largest companies to adopt SHIB, something the community is pretty excited about. Here’s how the ShibArmy reacted to the update.

Shiba Inu Community Responds To AMC Update

SHIB holders, as expected, reacted positively to Aron’s update. Some members of the community added the AMC listing to the Shiba Inu roadmap for 2022 to highlight the significant number of events coming in the next few months.

Others were relieved to have some positive news following the significant drops that hit both SHIB and the wider cryptocurrency prices. “Some good news after a bloody Wednesday,” said one r/ShibArmy post.

However, others offered a more light-hearted approach to the update. “If SHIB gets accepted as payment, imagine how many people will be standing near the registers waiting for the price to go up,” said one user.

Users on r/CryptoCurrency were more sceptical, however. “Perfect if you want to pay 235,000 SHIB and $18 in gas for two cinema tickets,” one user said. “This is nothing more than a PR move - and it's working,” another posted.

Meanwhile, one user known as @ShibaAustralia, suggested further collaborations between AMC and Shiba Inu, proposing a Shiba popcorn combo.

AMC first began accepting cryptocurrency in November 2021, taking Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

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[Image: Vrc84/Wikimedia Commons]

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