Shiba Sessions: SHIB To Host Regular Community Panels

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The Shiba Inu growth team will hold regular Twitter Spaces called Shiba Sessions in a bid to provide the community with another channel of communication.

First announced in a blog post after a growth AMA, this follows on from two successful Shiba AMAs.


Here's what to expect from future Shiba Sessions.

Shiba Sessions Announced

Hosted on a brand-new Twitter account called Shiba Sessions, these panels will discuss aspects of the Shiba ecosystem and provide an outlet for the ShibArmy to ask questions. Led by members of the Growth Breed, developers may also attend to answer some questions.

This comes after the SHIB community responded positively to the latest Shiba Growth spaces. Over seven thousand holders tuned in to the three-hour long panel on the Shiba ecosystem.


Shibarium, the Growth Breed's Lead of External Communications, said in the blog post:

I believe there should be a place for plebs and frens to speak while they aim to change the world. A place where it should provide feedback, questions, learn and maybe have fun if you want.

However, Shibarium also said that it would not permit unofficial projects to speak during these sessions. Explaining why, they said while some may be providing benefits to the community, it could either create confusion or be seen as unfair to those not chosen.


"Basically, no shilling boiz and for those who try to leech or scam, you will be vetted and thrown to the empty space," they added.

Discussions will instead focus on projects including the Shiba Metaverse, Shiba Inu Games, and official burns through the burn portal.

The Twitter Spaces push comes as SHIB continues to utilise some of Twitter's newest features. It launched a Shiba Inu Twitter Community in early March, providing a hub for discussions.