Shiba Inu team to launch Shibarium beta very soon

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The Shibarium team surprised the Shiba Inu community with news of their upcoming Shibarium L2 network.

Although there's still no confirmed date for its release, the beta for Shibarium will be on the way very “soon.”


Many believed the Shibarium beta would launch in Q3 2022 but the team could not stick to the date.

Shibarium L2 network is alive and well, beta launch coming soon

The Shiba Inu team informed the SHIB community that the beta is still in active development and the “finishing touches” are being applied to Shibarium’s Beta.

From Shibaswap:

We ask the community to please understand, that this phased release is not a matter of wen but a matter of developing Shibarium correctly, and introducing it responsibly. Avoid asking wen, because the answer will always be a 'soon'.

The Shibarium update asked the community to be patient and not see Shibarium as a “price pumping tool.”


Shibarium will be built in line with Ryoshi's vision, which means it will include community tools and methods for the Shiba Inu community to build Shibarium into something in which everyone can participate in.

The team wants the Shiba Inu community to understand exactly what the team has been working on and constructing for the past few years before Shibairum's Beta release.

A technical blog for Shibarium will be launching soon to help onboard community members who want to be validators or delegators for Shibarium’s network.


What is Shibarium?

Shibarium is a layer 2 blockchain network built on Ethereum. Shibarium will utilise SHIB, LEASH and BONE tokens throughout its scalable network.

Shibairum promises to have fast transaction speeds with low fees, tight network security and a comprehensive development roadmap.

From Shibaswap:

Shibarium’s Layer 2 blockchain protocols can serve different industry areas such as metaverse, web3 innovation, and gaming. This is primarily due to the commonality of scalability and performance limitations of current existing blockchain networks.

It was confirmed in January that SHIB tokens will be burned on Shibarium. Recently, the SHIB burn rate has been up despite Shiba Inu’s stagnant price movements.