Shiba Inu Red Bull Collab Teased By Shytosi Kusama Following Meeting

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A Shiba Inu Red Bull partnership could be in the works after a successful meeting between the SHIB team and the brand.

Shiba Inu project lead Shytoshi Kusama and Growth member Milkshake both tweeted their delight following an the Red Bull meeting.


With collaborations with John Richmond and Welly, this could be the largest Shiba partnership yet. Here's how it went down.

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Shiba Inu x Red Bull

Posting on Twitter, Shytoshi thanked Red Bull for meeting for a chat about Shiba Inu, opening doors for a potential collaboration down the line.

"Thanks for the chat about everything SHIB, Red Bull," he said. Looking forward to speaking more in the future!"


Milkshake also tweeted about the meeting, albeit more cryptically. "Just got out of a really amazing and productive meeting! It gave me wings," she said.

These tweets suggest that some form of Shiba x Red Bull collaboration is open to happening in the future. Indeed, the fact they could tweet about this meeting and were not sworn to secrecy further adds to the chance of such a deal.


Of course, there's no knowing for sure what this potential partnership could lead to - if anything. While Red Bull is known for its energy drinks, its sponsorships for sporting events -from F1 to Soapbox Racing or video games - and ownership of some major European football clubs open up a wide variety of opportunities for Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu states it has not paid for marketing. However, a sponsorship with Red Bull could convince them to open its marketing wallet. Red Bull Racing signed a sponsorship deal with crypto exchange Bybit in February, although this was for $150 million.

Regardless of the outcome, the Red Bull tease from Shytoshi and Milkshake is enough to keep the Shiba community excited - and guessing - at least until Shibarium comes out.