SHIB Afterparty Scheduled For Milan Fashion Week

Shiba Inu Coin dog in front of a DJ deck in a party nightclub, with pink lights.
Credit: Antoine J/Unsplash

SHIB holders will have the chance to meet up later this year at a secretive Shiba Inu party held during Milan Fashion Week in September.

As announced in a Medium post by pb5_five, a team member of the Shiba restaurant Welly, this event will commemorate the next reveal of John Richmond's fashion collaboration with SHIB.

Here's what we know about this upcoming Shiba party.

Shiba Inu Party

In his medium post, pb5_five said:

The show will take place in Milan during the 2022 Milan Fashion Week, where we’ll see models parade for SHIB. We’ll also have an afterparty exclusive to SHIB holders and the SHIBARMY in a secret top location, with a secret theme TBA.

While details remain shrouded in secrecy, this marks the chance for SHIB holders - or at least those around the Milan area - to get together and celebrate SHIB, alongside its latest fashion partnership.

The Milan Fashion Week is scheduled to take place between September 20 and September 26, for those wanting to attend.

The John Richmond Shiba collaboration - first revealed in February - will see the release of both a new collection of Shiba NFTs, and a range of Shiba clothing placed in boutiques across the world. Pb5_five also addressed the scepticism some SHIB holders have had for the partnership. He said: “Please don’t FUD because you have no idea what you all are about to experience.”

While the theme is secret, we'd suspect it could relate to SHIB - perhaps taking inspiration from Vitalik Buterin's Shiba pyjamas.

During his Medium, pb5_five also revealed that the Welly restaurant had received thousands of applications for new franchises.

This isn't the only party in the works for the ShibArmy, however. Aside from the Shiba Inu burn parties, a ShibaCon event in Las Vegas is scheduled to happen later this summer.

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