Shiba Inu sets up fireside chats as it reveals WAGMI Temple details

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Shiba Inu next to a fireplace for a fireside chat.
Credit: Unsplash
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SHIB holders will have the chance to cosy up and listen to some fireside chats about the Shiba Inu Metaverse from next week.

In a new blog post from the team, it revealed further information about its metaverse plans, including details about the WAGMI Temple hub.


With over 300 holders already interested in attending, here's more about it.

Shiba Inu Fireside Chats

As part of the Shiba Inu metaverse development, regular community fireside chats will take place on the SHIB Discord server.

Hosted by the metaverse team, these future fireside chats will be a place for the community to ask questions, discuss ideas, and for the team to keep the SHIBArmy up to date on the metaverse’s progress.


The fireside chat has the following description:

Come hang with the Metaverse Team while sharing thoughts and stories of what you want to experience within WAGMI Temple!

The first live fireside chat is due to take place on September 9, focused on the WAGMI Temple. Two subsequent chats will also take place in the following weeks on September 16 and 23, but the details have yet to be revealed, and it is subject to change.


Shiba Inu WAGMI Temple Update

Alongside this, new information about SHIB: The Metaverse has been announced in the blog post. SHIB expanded on the metaverse concept, stating:

SHIB: The Metaverse is set to become the culmination of Shiba Inu’s history as a community, virtually displayed, in a layer of beautiful visuals that showcase innovation and unity with a place for the #ShibArmy crypto community to truly call home.

Now partnered with the virtual reality studio The Third Floor, the SHIB team wants to consider community feedback and ideas from the SHIBArmy.


One of the main features of the SHIB metaverse will be its WAGMI Temple. Explaining its significance, the blog post said:

WAGMI is short for “We’re All Gonna Make It”. It refers to a higher conviction and optimistic state about the future. The foundation of SHIB has always been the community. We love that our community is strong, and the conviction to see SHIB rise and reach new heights come with great passion and a true belief system.

In the metaverse announcement’s blog post, the team has shared concept art for the WAGMI Temple. It described it as a calming, mystically connected hub inspired by real-life locations such as the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Kinkaku-Ji temple in Kyoto, and the Nan Hua Temple of Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa.

At the moment, there is no full release date for the SHIB metaverse, similar to the latest news on Shibarium. However, check out the latest Shiba Inu news to keep updated.